Dear colleagues,

Happy holidays!

As you wind down the fall semester and prepare for the winter break, I wanted to offer you a brief update on what’s occurring with the VCCS Reengineering Taskforce.

#1 State Board approves revised faculty evaluations

The Virginia State Board approved the faculty evaluation proposal at its regular meeting last month. The proposal won the approval of the Advisory Council of Presidents in October. Work continues on developing a model plan that can serve as a resource as colleges develop their own plans.

#2 Faculty and staff feedback bolsters developmental English placement tests

Several modifications are being made to the Virginia Placement Test for Developmental English as well as the VPT English Practice Test, including updates to ensure the tests are ADA compliant. The updates are inspired by feedback coming from faculty and staff who have been working with the tests. We’re grateful for their continued help in improving this process.

#3 Our academic credit audit efforts are showing tremendous results

The State Board received a report last month showing the results of the first phase of the credit audit of academic programs. At the beginning of this effort nearly one in four of our transfer programs were already at the ideal credit total of either 60 or 61 credit hours. When the changes prompted by the audit are completed later this year, four out of five transfer programs will be at that ideal credit total.

We continue to update the VCCS Reengineering website regularly with the progress being made by the more than two-dozen workgroups. I enjoy reading, responding and forwarding to the taskforce thoughts and ideas that you share with me in response to these email updates – keep them coming!



Glenn DuBois

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