January 24, 2013

Dear colleague,

I hope that your new year, and your new semester, is off to a great start! Here’s a quick update on three things you need to know about our continuing work to reengineer the way we do business.

#1 Model Faculty Evaluation Draft Plan Available for Your Review

The Model Plan exists to be used by our colleges or to be a resource for them to design their own plan. The model was developed by a group representing faculty and administrators and many of our advisory/governance groups. It includes evaluation criteria, evaluation forms, reward and recognition criteria. The plan’s authors are seeking your reaction to it.

#2 State Board Approves Revamped Achieve 2015 Plan

The State Board for Community Colleges approved a revised strategic plan at its regular January business meeting. The VCCS had eclipsed more than half the goals of the original six-year plan at the halfway point. We’re upping our game and aiming to do more for the people we serve. The Achieve 2015 page has the details. Updated posters will soon come to your college.

#3 Developmental Mathematics Reengineering Selected as a Finalists for National Award

Virginia’s Community Colleges are one of ten finalists for the 2013 Bellwether Award (for Instructional Programs & Services) for our work in reengineering developmental mathematics. Applause goes out to the leaders of that effort who will give a final presentation next week to the Community Colleges Futures Assembly – just as it goes to the countless instructors around the state who have embraced this work and are propelling our success.

We continue to update the VCCS Reengineering website regularly with the progress being made by the more than two-dozen workgroups. I appreciate your feedback! I personally read every response you send in and then forward it to the reengineering taskforce. Let us know what you think.


Glenn DuBois

Virginia’s Community Colleges
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